Rock Fest Barcelona, which will be held from June 30rd to July 2nd 2017 at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), is closing its bill with the addition of two new bands: THUNDER and ORDEN OGAN.



The british band is synonimous with high quality hard rock. Even though they broke up a few years ago, they couldn’t contain themselves and they are back with a new album titled “Rip it Up”. Get ready for one of the most energetic shows of the festival by these lords of bombastic riff-heavy hard rock. Thunder will play on Sunday July 2nd.


They are one of the best power metal bands of the moment. Their most recent work is titled “Ravenhead” and they have great songs such as “We Are Pirates” which they never fail to play in their live shows. They haven’t been here to Spain often but they are part of a new wave of european heavy metal and we should pay attention. They will play on Saturday July 1st.


Tickets for the event (3-day passes as well as one day tickets) are available through the usual channels: the Ticketmaster network (Fnac, Halcón Viajes, Carrefour), on the internet at, by phone at 902 15 00 25 and collector tickets are available at


Rock Fest Barcelona is confirming two new bands for its 2017 edition.

First, we have danish band Pretty Maids, who will play on June 30th, with Ronnie Atkins leading the band and playing their classic 80’s hard rock in Can Zam. A very long-awaited show full of anthems such as “Red Hot and Heavy”.

On the other hand, spanish rock band Inconscientes will play on Saturday July 1st. It’s the band led by Iñaki “Uoho” Antón, the legendary guitarist of spanish rock band Extremoduro. Their incendiary rock and roll with occasional southern influence will be very welcomed at Can Zam park.
As fas as changes go, german band Rage wil play finally on Sunday July 2nd.
Day tickets for Friday June 30rd and Saturday July 1st will be on sale on Monday March 20th from 12:00 noon through the Ticketmaster network (Fnac, Carrefour, Halcon Viajes), and by phone on 902 15 00 25. The collector tickets will be available through RocknRock’s website (



Here is available the day distribution for Rock Fest Barcelona 2017.

In a few days we will also announce all the necessary information about day tickets for June 30th and July 1st. As you already know, there are tickets already available for July 2nd and 3-day tickets for the whole festival throughout the Ticketmaster network (Fnac, Halcón Viajes, Carrefour), at, on the phone at 902 15 00 25 and also at Rock N Rock’s website (