Due to the well-development of the Festival, the security and the respect between of us during your stay in the campsite zone, here you have got some rules you must follow:

  • Inside the campsite  food and drinks are allowed.
  • It’s not allow to enter inside the out-door campsite area with any kind of vehicle.
  • To enter to the campsite area is necessary to have the ticket purchased.
  • Caravan and autocaravan need to have a ticket for every single person inside the vehicle.
  • It’s not allow to enter inside the out-door campsite area with animals or objects, which ones the organization consider them dangerous or irritating and unpleasant for the rest of the people.
  • Please avoid, as much as possible, containers and glass bottles.
  • You must use garbage bags and containers.
  • Peddling (food, drinks, tickets, merchandising, etc …) it is not allowed. Neither share out flyers or any kind of promotional material.
  • Under no circumstances you can set up a fire, or using camping gas, matches, candles… in-tent, beside them or in campsite area.
  • The Festival Organization it is not responsible of any burglary, theft, damage or other criminal action that may arise within the campground or other places authorized by the Festival.
  • Please, take a civic behaviour within the campsite.
  • Generators and stereos are not allowed.
  • Please respect the rest of other assistants.
  • The campsite will organize the people in order of arrival. The Organization will place attendees as they arrive and they will indicate where you have to settle in the tent.
  • Each tent can only take up the space marked by the staff. It’s expressly prohibited to sleep on the corridors.
  • It won’t be possible to make reservations to friends who arrive late. If a group of friend want to be in adjacent tents, have to arrive at the same time.
  • Attendees are required to respect the rules and not disturb the rest of other people.
  • The organization has all the right reserves to expel anyone making annoying, unhealthy, noxious, dangerous or illegal activities.
  • In case of doubt the Security Guard at the entrance of the campsite has the last word.
  • The staff of Rock Fest Barcelona could add more rules without previous advise.

This out-door campsite area will be the place where you can rest , so that, we have to take care of it and be respectful with the nature. The Organization will please the most respect as possible for the environment and towards other users during your stay in the campsite area.